Lead DevOps Engineer

BT Group.

September 2023 - Present

Freelance Software Developer

JJS Ltd.

  • Worked on a range of software development projects including websites, Android apps and web apps.
  • Leveraged a range of technologies and tooling from AWS, Azure and GCP including serverless FAAS and various Database systems.
June 2018 - Present

Full Stack Technical Lead Consultant

Infinity Works, part of Accenture Next Gen Engineering.

  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate.
  • Advocate, CodeBar Mentor and Social committee member.
  • Technical and family lead for a small DevOps client team.
  • Designed and developed advanced CI/CD tooling including an automated merge queue.
  • Led initiatives to improve tooling, branching strategy and developer experience.
February 2022 - September 2023

Software Development Engineer

Quest Software.

  • Responsible for planning and implementing changes to software development operations, security monitoring, scaling, backups, bug fixes and version updates.
  • Developed automation pipelines for packaging, testing and deployment.
  • Containerised existing applications and implemented infrastructure-as-code.
  • Working with a variety of tooling, tech stacks and frameworks including Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, Vagrant, AWS, Azure, Selenium, Vue, Laravel, JS/TS and PHP.
September 2020 - February 2022

Software Developer

AB Dynamics Ltd.

  • C# WPF Developer working as part of an Agile team using SOLID principles and automated testing.
  • Worked on multiple projects, as a team and individually, implementing new features, bug fixes, writing tests and upgrading to .NET Core.
  • Worked with SQLite, networking, installers, UI/UX and business logic.
  • Involved with project management and feature prioritisation.
September 2019 - September 2020

Geometric Software Engineering Placement

Renishaw Plc.

  • Developed a new polygon clipping library for 3D printers.
  • Spent a considerable amount of time planning and documenting the logic behind the program; I presented this to the rest of the team so they could continue development of the program.
  • Built a test suite for automating the testing of specific polygon sets.
June 2018 - September 2018

Greenpower Volunteer

Renishaw Plc.

  • As a team; Designed, built and developed three single-seater electric cars which competed in the international Greenpower racing series.
  • Achieved first place in the international corporate challenge event every year; we have won the overall championship beating teams from the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Lockheed Martin, Cummings and Universities from around the globe.
  • The team and I also won several additional awards for innovative designs and engineering on the cars; this included the Siemens digital award in 2017 which was awarded for innovative use of electronics and design, for which my ‘GPTiming’ live telemetry platform was selected.
  • Being part of the team meant I was consistently involved in explaining and presenting the engineering and software used within Greenpower to school children, 6th formers and other professionals.
October 2013 - October 2019

Reconstruction Software Lead, Medical Imaging Group Studies

University of Birmingham

  • Sub group leader for the image reconstruction software team in my third-year project.
  • Successfully developed several programs (C++, C# and MATLAB) for processing data from a set of Compton cameras which are used for imaging cancer and brain activity.
  • Awarded 95% for my ‘contribution to the project’.
Jan 2018 - April 2018

Software Development Placement

Renishaw Plc.

  • Produced a C# application to analyse the data being returned by customers over a network and generate Word documents containing key plots.
  • After finishing my project early, I spent some time redesigning a VBA application which generated reports for networked machines in C#. This saved four hours per analysis.
June 2017 - September 2017

Application Engineering Placement

Renishaw Plc.

  • Developed software solutions to test, analyse and report the results for new products. The projects I was involved in include graphical rendering solutions, server-client monitoring programs, network data harvesting programs and 4D plotting tools.
July 2016 - September 2016

Mechanical Engineering Placement

Renishaw Plc.

  • Worked with the CMM research and development department designing and building small machines to assist with manufacturing processes and to test products.
  • Developed an understanding for the principles and ideas behind producing new products and the process of improving existing ones.
July 2015 - September 2015

University of Birmingham

Master of Physics (MSci)

Graduated with a first class Masters in Physics with honours. GPA 4.0.

  • 2016 Siemens Greenpower digital award.
  • Certified LabVIEW associate developer (CLAD).
  • The University of Birmingham A level results scholarship.
  • Best ‘Physics and Communication Skills’ project.
  • Renishaw student bursary scheme.
  • Social Secretary and then the Vice-President for the University motor racing club.
September 2015 - July 2019

Katharine Lady Berkeley's School

A Levels and GCSEs

A Levels: A*A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

GCSEs: 3A*, 6A, 1B, 1C.

  • Commendation in the British Physics Olympiad.
  • School award for the wider use of ICT, best A level results and best Physicist.
  • Language leaders award for Latin.
  • Silver STEM award.
  • Gold UKMT mathematics challenge.
  • ICT Functional skills level 2.
  • Selected to represent my school as a prefect.
  • Assisted in a GCSE computing class during my A levels to help teach programming to the students.
August 2008 - September 2015

I have been fortunate to have a range of experience across a breadth of projects (see next section) and am always eager to learn something new!

  • DevOps Engineering (IaC, CI/CD, Containerisation, Scaling, Pipelines, Security, Bash, Deno, Node) - 2.5+ years experience.
  • Platform engineering with AWS, GCP and Azure - 2.5+ years experience.
  • Full Stack Web Development - 3+ years experience.
  • SOLID, Git and AGILE - 4+ years experience.
  • Serverless FAAS, NoSQL and SQL database work - 2+ years experience.
  • C# WPF Development (.NET Framework & Core) - 1.5+ years experience.
  • Worked on commercial projects in C++, embedded C, Java, Pascal, VBA, Matlab and Labview.
  • Experienced with Version control, feature prioritisation, internal and client facing development.
  • I am particularly proud of my problem solving capabilities and my ability to pick up new skills quickly.

My name is Jack Joynson; I am currently a Lead DevOps Engineer at BT. I regard myself as one of those people who always questions how and why, and strives to understand how anything and everything works. Building Lego models and model railways without manuals helped my love for understanding the world grow, and by the age of twelve I rebuilt a motocross bike from parts. It is from this that my love for understanding and learning has evolved.

I view myself as being particularly good at problem solving due to my resilience and ability to think both logically and outside of the box. My ability to communicate conceptually challenging ideas often helps when tackling tough problems.

I consider myself to be technologically minded and I have had experience in many programming languages. I believe myself to be competent with most common software packages from Microsoft Office to photo manipulation. In my spare time I enjoy training at the gym with friends, karting and taking part in social events.


Equestrian systems logo

Equestrian Systems

An all in one online booking system and stable management SAAS product for Equestrian Centres. Built on a Google Cloud back-end and used by multiple centres and thousands of customers.

NodeJS Typescript HTML CSS GCP AWS Firestore NoSQL Serverless CI/CD Cypress Selenium


A live telemetry platform for race cars. Includes an Android app with a Bluetooth interface to microcontrollers and a web portal. Awarded the Siemens digital award.

Java (Android) Javascript HTML CSS Google Cloud Microsoft Azure RTDB NoSQL
GPTiming logo.
Air bearing

Masters Project

Masters Project: An air bearing suspension with passive magnetic stabilisation and tuning. I achieved a first for my masters project which aimed to test the properties of a novel zero length fibre torsion balance. The device used an air bearing suspension and passive electromagnetic stabilisation which was also modelled mathematically.

C++ Maple Python MatLab

Selenium & Cypress Test Frameworks

Set up automated CI testing processes using Selenium and Cypress to test applications whenever a change is committed to github.

C# .NET Core Javascript HTML GitHub Actions

Open Banking Serverless Invoice Tool

Designed and built a serverless NodeJS and Deno service which receives payment information from an Open Banking API and uses it to generate invoices in Google Drive using the Drive V3 API.

Deno NodeJS Typescript Serverless GitHub Actions Open Banking GCP

Dairy Goat Manager

A multi-tenant serverless web application for managing and reporting on dairy goats.

NodeJS Serverless GitHub Actions HTML CSS Typescript

Gym activation and renewal portal

A serverless web application for managing gym subscriptions using Stripe.

NodeJS Serverless GitHub Actions HTML CSS Javascript Stripe

GO REST API wrapper

A high performance REST API wrapper written in GOLANG.


CodeBar workshop mentor

Mentored at multiple CodeBar workshops

Python AWS CDK

Python Load Test Generator

Forked a Python HTTP proxy and extended it to generate Locust load tests from a user journey

Python HTTP Locust Load testing

ReactNative Calculator

A scientific calculator written in ReactNative.


React Chess

A two player chess app written in ReactJS.

ReactJS Serverless Typescript

System Status Overview

A serverless website for displaying system status information from various REST endpoints.

Deno Lume ReactJS Typescript Github Actions Github Pages

Github Action Trigger

A lightweight Github Action composite to trigger other workflows.

Github Actions cURL jq

ECR Tagger

A lightweight bash script that can tag an ECR image without downloading any layers.

AWS Bash

This website

I'm still working on this site but it is built using the Bootstrap framework.

CSS Javascript HTML Bootstrap Serverless


A simple NPM package to wrap basic firestore operations.


Polygon Clipping

A high performance C++ library for performing polygon clipping operations on any number of arbitrary complex polygons.


Compton Camera Image Reconstruction

Sub group leader for my third-year project. Successfully developed several programs for processing data from a set of Compton cameras which are used for imaging cancer and brain activity. High First achieved.

C# WPF C++ MatLab

Customer Analysis Tool

Produced a tool package for analysing machine data to find errors by dissembling and rendering history data.


Report Generator

Redesigned an asynchronous C# version of a single threaded VBA application which generated Word and Excel based reports for networked machines which saved over 3 hours.

C# WPF VBA MS Office Interop

Year 3 OOP

A lecture course on OOP in C++ followed by a project to simulate particles bouncing in a box. High First achieved.

C++ QT

Numerical Modeling

A project based course on high performance modeling of real world problems and the reporting of results. Included the use of a Bash. First achieved.

C++ Scripting MatLab


A lecture and coursework based module on inference from scientific data. Included Bayesian and Frequentist statistics and reporting on results.

C++ Scripting MatLab

Email Service

Developed a hosted email service to take website contact forms, sanitise the data and queue messages to an SMTP server.

NodeJS Javascript

Git Project Dashboard

Developed a C# dashboard for managing the status of multiple git repositories and internal project versions.

C# WPF .NET Core Git Scripting

Physics and Communication Skills

Included two C++ courses in which I achieved high Firsts in both.


MatLab Course

Completed a semester long MatLab course for modeling and displaying data. High first achieved.


Feature Tracker

Wrote a simple program to keep track of feature requests and tasks using an SQL database.


Machine Position Analyser

Wrote a pair of applications to automate the testing of a machine and plot the 4D quaternion data.

C# WPF MatLab

Live Machine Monitor

Wrote a C# WPF application to monitor the live status of networked machines.

C# WPF WinForms TCP/IP

IronPython Wrapper

Created a Python enviroment which would allow the logic of a large precompiled C# program to be edited using a simple text editor.

C# WPF IronPython

FEMM Automation

Wrote a Python wrapper for automating the finite element modeling of the magnetostatics used in my masters project.

Python FEMM

Carnival RAG App

Developed an Android App for the Raise and Give charity at University to help promote events.

CSS Javascript HTML Bootstrap Java (Android) Google Cloud

Adhesive Applicator

Updated a adhesive applicator to be automated by a FPGA.


Cycle Rig

Designed and built a simple pneumatic rig for cycle testing a part using a PLC.


Live Lap Plotter

Wrote a series of applications to plot the lap timings from the Greenpower website to analyse competitor trends.

C# WPF Javascript HTML Bootstrap CSS Java (Android) MSB

Tunable PID Motor Controller

Built an Arduino powered motor controller for positioning a DC motor using a PID algorithm. Also built a stepper motor driver.

C++ Arduino

Battery Discharge Rig

Designed and built a series of electronics to discharge race batteries whilst measuring and logging capacity.

Arduino MBED C++

Discharge Logger

Wrote a C# application to control and log the results of the battery discharge rig. Results are saved for comparison.

C# WinForms WPF USB


Built and designed an Arduino powered robot including independently speed controlled wheels, an Ultrasonic sensor and a display.

Arduino C++ Bluetooth I2C

Robot Remote

Build an Android app to control the Arduino controlled robot via Bluetooth. Included sliders for controlling the speed of each wheel, writing to the display and feedback from the US sensor.

Java (Android) Bluetooth

Wireless tilt and Rotation Logger

Designed and built an isolated system for measuring the angle of a float to arc-second precision and sending the data via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Arduino C++

Telemetry Logger

Designed and built a telemetry system for electric race cars that is capable of logging data from 8 sensors and an I2C bus. The system can be powered by the car or an external battery and can work with GPTiming or the EChook protocol.

Arduino I2C Bluetooth C++

Bespoke Brand Developers

Co-Founded a web design and brand development company and produced several customer sites, marketing campaigns as well as backend systems. Sold in 2019.

CSS Javascript HTML Bootstrap Google Cloud


Built a Content Management System application which automatically version controlled files with a git server and opened a web editor.

C# WPF Google Cloud